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Hi Team,

Trust last month was a very challenging but profitable experience. This month is designed still to focus on the Law-Word of God, but from the perspective of the New Testament. Remember that the Law-Word comprises both the 10 Commandments which remain valid for all men all the time. Then there are the  Mosaic laws which are more circumstantial and relevant to the cultural  settings of the time. Nevertheless, the principles governing each case are applicable to all times. But in the New Testament, the Law is applied not simply as an external ethic. It must be embraced within the heart and applied by the Holy Spirit motivated by love and in obedience to Christ Himself.

Do enjoy the month, and I look forward to hearing from you through your Journal entries.

Welcome to new members of the Team.

I apologize to those that I have neglected to respond to but I will catch up with you very soon.


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