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The Work and Legacy of

Dr C.B Peter Morgan

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Dr C.B. Peter Morgan is an accomplished Pastor and Educator of many years, born and grown in Jamaica. He overseas many Churches within the Caribbean and the USA. He currently is an adjunct lecturer at the Caribbean Nazarene College in Santa Cruz, Trinidad, and at the Graduate School of Theology in Kingston.

Dr Morgan was instrumental in developing and implementing the Guidance and Counseling program in the Jamaican Education system.

Dr Morgan is the President of the International Association of Kingdom Churches and Ministries (IAKCM), a global network of Christian Leaders and Ministers. He is a Founding Director and immediate past President of the International Third World Leaders Association (ITWLA) with headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas.

As an international Conference Speaker he focuses on developing a Kingdom Theology built on the foundation of the Fatherhood of God. He has been widely consulted within nations and churches as a “Global Statesman: Fathering Nations”. His major conviction is that “Fathers Dream Dreams, and their Sons build Cities”.

Other themes include: “Administration and Leadership in the 3-Dimensional Church”; “Community Transformation and the Quiet Revolution”; “Career Development and Schools Counseling”; “Marriage, Parenting and Family Life”; “Self-Management the Key to Contextual Leadership”. His work has taken him across Latin America and the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Holland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, and the U.S.A.

As Bishop, Dr Morgan gives oversight to his sons’ churches in Kingston, Jamaica and to others across the Caribbean, as well as to members of the Jamaican Diaspora.

He is married to Dr. C Patricia Morgan who ministers along with him. Together they have one daughter and three sons, all of whom are in full-time ministry. They are the proud grandparents of four children Dr. Morgan is the author of “The Nations: God’s Strategic Purpose for Establishing your Nation”, and “The City Church – A Personal Pilgrimage.”

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Every blessing to you and your family for the Christmas Season and especially as you reflect on the past year and anticipate 2020!

As I look over 2019, I recall my prayer and my determination at the beginning of the year, “Your Kingdom Come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”   Indeed, 2019 was designated for me “A Year of Expansion for Impact!” And so it proved to be, in some significant ways:

  1. It was a time when my mind exploded with the most remarkable insights into the Word of God. My understanding and appreciation of the Kingdom of God took on new dimensions in its application for us as individuals, within the family sphere, within the community, the culture, the city and ultimately the Nation. In the end, my message entitled “A Day with the King” has transformed my own life forever.

  2. 2019 was a year in which I saw my engagements in significant Movements, Agencies and Ministries take a definitive shift with tremendous impact on my own life. These included:

    1. The Intercessory Prayer Network International (IPMI) with its HQ in New York.  

    2. My commitment to the International Association of Kingdom Churches and Ministries (IAKCM) with HQ in Nassau Bahamas. 

    3. I thank God for the continued development of the Caribbean Israeli Leadership Coalition (CILC) where I have served under the leadership of Andre Thomas of Barbados.

    4. In the past year I have become aligned to two very strategic bodies of leaders who are significant Statesmen across the globe. The level of professional research, analysis and intervention in the spheres of government, economics, education, the judiciary and media is phenomenal. 

    5. Finally, I thank the Lord for the opportunity to function as the Dean of Postgraduate Studies at the Caribbean Nazarene College in Trinidad and Tobago.

  3. The hallmark of the year for me was the concentration in my travels within the region of the Caribbean. In previous years I have traversed the continents, but 2019 was focused on the Isles of the Seas and the South American Caribbean Coastlands.   That is where I met and had the privilege of working with a number of you: 

    1. I thank God for the Impact in Suriname with the Mentoring program of Leaders for Succession. This is the second batch following on the first successful Group from the previous year. Kelvin and Heidi and your team of leaders are doing a marvelous job in seeking to transform your Nation. I have appreciated continued to fellowship with my good friends Rev Paul Doth and his wife Coby, spiritual parents of the Suriname  Church.  

    2. I remain excited about my renewed presence in Guyana with the evidence of the dreams of the spiritual Fathers of that Land sown over the past forty years ago, now being fulfilled by the present sons of the soil led by Apostle Claude Brookes and his dynamic Team of Ministers. 

    3. The last third of this year in Trinidad and Tobago has encouraged my faith with the evidence of a number of movements shaping up to create a quiet cultural and spiritual shift among its people. There is a quiet revolution taking place in this Nation among the millennials and other young adults, in extra-church ministries, within the media and the worshipping arts, and among business and commercial interests.   I notice that this is widespread from the South, to the North and the Central regions. 

    4. Curacao continues to lead the way in its bold and courageous initiatives to establish righteousness in every sphere of leadership. In addition, the Church is creating in the public arena the joy of celebration and praise unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to the powerful ministry of the Excel Arts Academy  and the Apostolic leadership of Gilberto and Josephine Bakhuis and of indefatigable Pastor Juano Coco and other progressive leaders. 2019 was a great year for the nation.

    5. Not to be outdone is the exponential impact of the Kingdom of God in the Bahamas Islands in the post-Myles Munroe/Richard Pinder era. In spite of the devastation of natural disasters, and perhaps because of it, the hand of God has manifested itself to fulfil the prophetic expectation that this nation of Islands will be one of God’s show pieces across the world. 

    6. My own nation, Jamaica, is poised to usher in a new wind of revival and spiritual awakening throughout the “land of wood and water”. The “Third Generation” promised by the Lord to the Fathers of the Renewal from the end of the last century are ready to assume its responsibility to impact the Nation for Jesus in every sphere of politics and government, youth and education, media and the arts, sports and culture and community and family life. MoBay has risen again to its position of prominence in the Island, but this time led by the powerful Kingdom message of the Churches in the West.

  4. Finally, 2019 has been the Year of the Family for me. Without doubt the highlight was the celebration of Dr Pat’s 80 birthday at the Iberostar Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We hosted over 120 guests including 57 overseas attendees led by our distinguished Pastor Archbishop Joseph Garlington and his wife Barbara. Special feature was the launching of her “autobiographical memoirs” COME WALK WITH ME!


  1. Beyond all of this in 2019 the “family” continued to grow with our spiritual children all across the globe. Pat has expanded her fold with countless numbers of sons and daughters in whom she pours out her motherly prophetic passion with love and kingdom urgency. As for me, the year has seen me embracing my role as father of nations. This includes many who otherwise would languish as orphans in the Kingdom.  But my greatest joy and blessing over this year has been working with a faithful group in the discipline of our monthly devotional exercise. And especially with those who continue to share their devotional thoughts each weekend with me.
    Generally,  Dr Pat and I seek to provide vision and leadership as all our “spiritual children” find their place in the ministry of the Kingdom of God within their own spheres whether it is in Africa, Great Britain, India, Canada, the USA, South America or the Caribbean.

Interestingly, during this Christmas Season I realize that the achievements of 2019 were the birthing ground for declaring 2020 as:  “THE YEAR OF THE NATION!”

It is the time for the Traditional Church to rise to become the EKKLESIA OF CHRIST in answer to His prayer “Your Kingdom Come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

As we anticipate this coming year together, I invite you to visit my website and you are welcome to share in some of my videos and audios. Dr Pat’s book is also available (see below).  I look forward to continuing to work with you to make it a powerful time of Kingdom ministry for you and your nation in 2020.

Dr CB Peter Morgan


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