The "Living Word"

It is with joy and much anticipation that I send to you the Devotional Schedule for the New Year which actually began Christmas Day with the birth of the "Living Word". Please read carefully the introductory statement with the Schedule which prepares you for the Month's Journey.

This coming year will be like none other. It will be a Journey anticipating the personal experience of the Word of God and its application in our Life and in our Family, our Community Witness and Occupational Engagement in the workplace, school , and wherever we go.

At the end of each year, I usually try to assess whether you are still interested in being part of the Devotional Team.

  1. I judge this by your response to me acknowledging receipt of the schedule, your sharing of weekly thoughts, and any indication that you might have come to the end of your season with us in this exercise.

  2. It is also a time when I invite new persons to join us for the coming year. As a result of my sharing the video entitled "2021: The Year of the Word of God". I have had some requests from persons to join.

  3. If you have anyone you wish to recommend, then please let me know immediately so that I can send to them the preparation notes which give them an idea as to what it entails. Then if they confirm, I will send them the Schedule.

  4. One encouraging experience in 2020, is of a Leader / Pastor who has engaged a group from his Church which he supervises meeting them weekly to have a corporate review. You could try this yourself (weekly or monthly).

Note that the devotionals in this new schedule do not follow chronological passages within Books. Rather they are presented thematically in order to develop our appreciation and understanding of the Word of God to enhance your experience of the Nature, Will and Purpose of God.

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