Dear Saints,

We are entering the second month of this significant 2021 Year which is the "Year of the Word of God". I trust that last Month's experience was a blessing to you. It was a profound experience for me in my spiritual journey. Thanks to those of you who were able to share with me your own insights and thoughts. They actually added to my own personal experience. Over the past two days I wrestled deeply with the Lord to design the schedule for February. After I thought I had got it right, I woke up this morning with a clear mandate from the Lord which confirmed to me that there is no way we can adequately describe the theme for this month which deals with the LOGOS WORD of God. He distinctly instructed me to change the format from a reading exercise to a listening exercise. We need to switch from a sight-reading to an ear-listening one. The truth is, I have been doing this personally along with Dr Pat, over the past month and it has impacted me greatly. The Lord has impressed upon me that there are three distinct ways to have access to His divine Heavenly Presence. (1) Praying Access; (2) Listening-Waiting Access and (3) Praising Access. These get us through His Gates and into His Court and to approach His Throne where we meet the Father who is the Logos Word from which is delivered the Prophetic Rhema Word to answer all our needs. So I am inviting you to join me in this exercise for the entire Month of February. We will include Saturdays and Sundays as well. We will still use Saturdays for special reflection on the week, and for recording thoughts in our Journal. Note the following:

  1. You will need to use your technological audios to play your assigned texts for each day. I trust this will not be a problem for you. If so then I will understand if you have to read the text. But this will be difficult as the portions assigned are longer than usual. Listening will not be more than 10-15 minutes .

  2. Search for a suitable Audio Version and have it ready long before Monday morning. It should have limited background distraction. Use a familiar version (I like NKJV). And the Reader should read reflectively, not rushed so you too can listen reflectively.

  3. I want you to relax, and seek to absorb and soak in the presence of the Lord.

  4. Remember that once you get into the Presence of God, it is the LOGOS Word that you are encountering.

  5. Once you Meet Him all your senses will yield to the atmosphere of the Spirit in which He speaks to you either through your eye sense, or ear sense or feeling sense.

  6. You may see visions, experience a voice or sense an awareness, but it will all be of the Spirit. In my experience I call it "The Sound of Silence", or what the Bible describes as "The Still Small Voice".

For those of you who will begin your Personal Devotional Cluster (PDC), you may send the devotional schedule to them yourself. I will be writing to you later with advice on how to proceed with maximum benefit to you and to your PDC. Pardon this long Note but it is a special time and February is likely to be a significantly different experience. Do write to me with your comments or for any clarification. Brother Peter

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